PPG Certified Applicator Program™

PPG’s Certified Applicator Program™ (CAP) is a win-win for its commercial construction industry members and the architects and contractors they serve.

PPG developed CAP for architects and contractors who have neither the time nor resources to manage the coating process. Modeled after the popular PPG Certified Fabricator Program™ for architectural glass, the CAP encompasses a select group of exceptional coatings applicators whose facilities and processes are audited annually to help achieve color consistency and deliver the highest possible level of product quality, customer service and technical expertise.

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PPG Certified Applicators are also electronically integrated into the company’s Kaleidoscope™ Color Management Program, which features a uniform color calibration system and the mandated use of PPG-designated software and equipment.

The result for architects and contractors is a level of color consistency and product quality that is usually unattainable through the traditional acquisition of high-performance coatings (which typically involves multiple coating applicators employing a disparate array of color and quality standards).

Review PPG's "Color Considerations" White Paper.

In addition to enhanced coating consistency and quality, CAP members provide a heightened level of customer service, which includes the following benefits:

  • Priority service on color samples – Unlike other coating manufacturers, PPG applies coatings/color to samples with the actual substrate for which they are being specified. That means when you order a color sample from a PPG Certified Applicator, the color is actually coated on the specified substrate.  
  • Major project assistance – Including job site visits and consultations when necessary.
  • Regional sourcing – From a nationwide network of integrated CAP participants.
  • Accelerated delivery schedules – For fast-track construction projects.
  • Access to the world’s largest color database – The PPG master color standards database already encompasses more than 75,000 colors that are available in a variety of glosses and tints, a list that is expanding every day to meet customer needs.

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