Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to several commonly asked questions about PPG Metal Coatings.

Where can I find information on your metal coatings?
Please visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for the most up to date information. Please look under the Metal Coatings section.
How do I request literature?
Please use this link: <a href=""></a>
What colors are available?
Solids, micas, metallics and special effect colors.
How can I request a color sample?
To view our architectural color card online, Visit: Architectural Color Card
Standard Colors (on our color card): Our standard 90 colors are readily available at Sample Ordering
Custom Colors: To order a custom color sample, please either email us at or call our Color Services team at 800-258-6398.
What are your standard size color samples you provide?
3&rdquo;x3&rdquo; panels are the standard size.&nbsp; 5&rdquo;x5&rdquo; and 10&rdquo;x10&rdquo; panels are only available in spray and by special order with longer lead times.&nbsp; We also offer select 10x10 color samples on paper.
How long will it take to receive a color sample?
Standard Colors (on our color card): Less than 5 business days.<br /> Custom Colors: Less than 7 business days.
I am looking for an update on an order I placed online at or, can you help me?
You can email with your order number for an update.
How do I obtain MSDS, PDS and letters of Certification?
Send an email to  and provide a product code.
What products do you have that meet AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605?
Why do we often see lines in coil color match panels and not on the coated building panel?
Coil laboratory prepared panels are manufactured by using a wire wrapped drawdown bar that produces visible lines.  You will not see this on the finished building panel.
Can I provide an RGB number to match color?
We are unable to match colors based on RGB numbers.  We would be unable to achieve an exact match and would require an actual color chip to do this work.
Do you have color decks to match in your coatings?
Yes, we have numerous color decks at our disposal including RAL and other various competitive color decks.
Can you apply spray DURANAR® coatings over steel?
Yes, however there is no warranty associated with this application.  Please contact us for specific recommendations on application parameters.
Can you send me sample specification language for this product?
Yes, it can be found at Sample Specification Language
Can you provide pricing for Duranar coatings?
Please contact one of our Approved Applicators for applied cost.
What is KYNAR® 500 and HYLAR® 5000?
KYNAR® 500 and HYLAR® 5000 are fluoropolymer resins used in the formulations of our Duranar and ACRYNAR® coatings product lines.  Duranar coatings use a 70% level of PVDF and Acrynar coatings use a 50% level of PVDF.
What is the normal gloss finish on Duranar coatings and is it possible to achieve a high-gloss finish on Duranar coatings?
The normal gloss range of spray Duranar coatings are 25-35 degrees.  Spray Duranar XL coatings are 35-45 degrees.  A CORAFLON® clear coating can be applied over the Duranar color coat in coil applications to achieve a gloss range from 20-80 degrees.  Coraflon powder coatings are also available in 20-70 degrees.
Can you give me some quick information on Duranar coatings?
You will find the most up-to-date information on our site:

Duranar Liquid Coatings
Duranar two-coat fluoropolymer coatings provide outstanding durability and performance in normal environments. The coating of choice for pre-formed aluminum components such as storefronts, curtainwalls, windows, and louvers.  Duranar coatings are resistant to chalking, fading, chipping, and peeling.  Duranar liquid coatings meet the AAMA 2605 performance specifications.
Duranar Powder Coatings
Duranar powder two-coat fluoropolymer coatings are formulated to provide the ultimate performance against weathering in environments where added protection against industrial or seacoast influences such as corrosive chemicals or salt spray is required. In addition, PPG’s patented manufacturing process provides small batch availability and a wide range of colors.  Duranar powder coatings meet AAMA 2605 performance specifications.
Duranar SUNSTORM® Liquid Coatings
Duranar Sunstorm fluoropolymer coatings are two-coat mica containing systems formulated to provide exceptional performance against weathering.  Duranar Sunstorm liquid coatings meet the AAMA 2605 performance specifications and do not require clear coats.  However, a clear coat may be applied.
Duranar XL Coatings
Duranar XL liquid fluoropolymer extrusion coatings are three- and four-coat systems with a clear coat that provide excellent performance in some of the most aggressive environments, such as industrial areas or seacoast locations.  
Duranar ULTRA-COOL® Coil Coatings
The Duranar Ultra-Cool coating system offers reflective properties letting you realize significant energy savings in building structures. As an ENERGY STAR® reflective product, Duranar Ultra-Cool coatings are based on PPG's renowned Duranar PVDF coating system and pass all AAMA 2605 specifications.
Duranar VARI-COOL® Coil Coatings
This polychromatic coil coating by PPG, along with our Ultra-Cool coatings technology, delivers a palette of vibrant colors that switch shades based on the angle of view.
Why specify a Clear Coat?
Clear coats provide color protection over metallic flake and are mandatory for these systems.  Clear coats also provide enhanced UV protection (chalk & fade) and clean much easier than color coats.  Clear coats are very effective in seacoast areas to rinse away salt residue.  Clear coats are also used for graffiti resistance and provide a barrier to staining and shadowing.
Can we receive a LEED® point for using Duranar coatings?
The only LEED point available is for metal roofing based on the energy saving properties of Duranar ULTRA-Cool and DURASTAR® SMP Ultra-Cool reflective coil coatings.  For more information, see the PPG LEED White Paper:
What is the difference between Duranar Powder coatings and Coraflon Powder coatings?
Duranar and Coraflon powder coatings are both fluoropolymer resin systems with excellent durability.  Duranar coatings require a primer, has warranty coverage on the seacoast and has a gloss range of 25-35.  Coraflon coatings do not require a primer, is not warranted for seacoast applications and has a gloss range of 20-80.
Do you provide Duranar and Coraflon Powder coating samples?
Yes, please contact or call 1-800-258-6398.
Advantages of Paint over Anodize
Why should I choose Duranar coatings over anodized finishes?
  1. Duranar coatings offer a large number of colors over anodized finishes
  2. The UV durability and chemical resistance of Duranar coatings are superior to anodized finishes
  3. Duranar coatings exhibit consistent color uniformity from original finish throughout its lifespan
  4. Duranar coatings are low maintenance
  5. Duranar coatings can be repaired easily utilizing PPG’s field repair systems
Can PPG systems be used to paint over anodized finishes?  Is there a specific surface prep that the Duranar system requires?
Please contact PPG for your specific cleaning and pretreatment recommendations at 888-PPG-IDEA and select the metal coatings option.
Reflective Coatings
What are the SRI values of your coatings?
The SRI values for our standard colors can be found on our color card or by accessing the Color Selector Tool.
For SRI values of non-standard colors, please call 888-PPG-IDEA and select the metal coatings option.
Where can I find a list of PPG’s Approved Applicators?
Here is a link to our Approve Applicators.  An asterisk designates powder applicators on the extrusion list.
How does a company become an approved applicator?
This qualification is based on periodic visits to their facility by PPG technical personnel and on periodic submittals of production panels for verification that the finished products continue to meet the specification requirements.  If you are interested in becoming an approved applicator, let us know by sending an email to
Where can I find a list of PPG Metal Coatings White Papers?
Our white papers are available at the following link on our website: PPG White Papers
How do I find cleaning and maintenance instructions for Metal Coatings?
Please refer to Cleaning Coil and Extrusion Coatings and to AAMA 609/610.
Where do I find Metal Coatings Color Cards?
Color Cards can be ordered directly on line at  These colors are also available in metal panel chips and can be ordered through the same site.
Why do coil and spray metallic colors look different?
Spray coatings orient the metallic flake in a different position versus a coil coated application. The pigment will reflect differently at angles and the color may fluctuate.   For further questions regarding color variation, please see our Managing Color Expectations white paper.
Why do liquid and powder coatings look different?
Powder coating tend to bury the mica and metallic pigment because of higher film builds. When comparing powder colors to lower film build liquid coatings the color or appearance may vary.
Where can I get touchup for factory-applied Duranar coatings?
For information on our Duranar ADS (air dry system) coatings, please click here:
To order directly through Nanochem, please ask for Duranar ADS (air dry system) coatings.  They will match all PPG colors and fill in small containers for minor touch-up.
Where can I get touchup for DURACRON® and POLYCRON® factory-applied coatings?
Please contact Custom Aerosol at (972) 382-4321.
Where can I get information on products for large scale building restoration?
Information on Coraflon ADS coatings is available by calling PPG IdeaScapes at 888-PPG-IDEA or go to under Commercial and Building Renewal.