Continuing Education

AIA/CES registered programs offered by PPG

At PPG, we are committed to providing quality continuing education courses across all of our product categories. We know that product integration is the key to meeting your design goals and we are here to help. Please review the listing below for information about our current Metal Coatings AIA/CES registered programs.

Or, access our current AIA/CES Registered Program brochure for a complete list of all PPG continuing education courses. 

PPG Metal Coatings Continuing Education Courses

Managing Expectations on Exterior Colors and Coatings

Participants will be able to identify the practical color limitations of coating processes as they relate to architectural products, including color selection, application, building component profiles, coating manufacturing and installation; and understand the best practices and procedures to minimize color variation on building components.
Credits: 1 LU

High-Performance Fluoropolymer Coatings

Participants will have a clearer understanding of fluoropolymer coatings and their intended uses; understand the different types of pigments used in fluoropolymer coatings; understand the different AAMA performance specifications and how it relates to durability; and gain a better understanding of factory vs. field-applied application of these types of coatings.
Credits: 1 LU

Architectural Applications for Liquid and Powder Fluoropolymer Coatings

Participants will gain an understanding of the advantages of liquid and powder coatings for use on architectural aluminum building components; learn about the environmental considerations, as well as the performance requirements, of liquid and powder coatings; and gain a better understanding of color availability, gloss restrictions and cost considerations for liquid and powder coatings.
Credits: 1 LU
Hanley Wood University

Cool Coatings for Metal Roofing

Participants will be introduced to cool roofing and be familiar with key terms and definitions that relate to cool roofing; gain an understanding of how cool roofing works; learn about the benefits and attributes of cool roofing; understand current specifications, codes, regulations and guidelines in the U.S. for cool roofing; and learn about the research that validates the cool roof concept.
Credits: 1 LU, HSW
Hanley Wood University