Powder Coatings

Get the durability you want without harming the environment. Duranar extrusion powder coatings are two-coat systems that offer maximum protection in the harshest environments, providing harder surfaces that are extremely resistant to damage in an environmentally friendly product that emits virtually no VOCs.

Formulated to provide excellent performance against weathering in normal environments, Duranar extrusion powder coatings are suited for applications such as storefronts, curtainwalls, windows and louvers.  They are highly resistant to chalking, chipping, peeling and fading, and protect against chemical staining and environmental stresses, such as dirt, UV and acid rain. A patented manufacturing process enables economic small-batch production of standard and customized colors.

Duranar extrusion powder coatings are available in a wide range of earth tones and offer excellent panel-to-panel color consistency compared to anodic finishes. Let Duranar coatings combination of beauty and protection help you make a lasting impression.

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For detailed specification information, click to view the Duranar powder coatings product data sheet