Water-Based Acrylic Coatings with Primer

Environ coatings are not only environmentally-friendly, they are one of the premier waterborne acrylic coatings for residential aluminum building products.

Environ two-coat, high-performance coatings provide enhanced corrosion protection and UV durability for a variety of prepainted aluminum applications. With their unique environmental and performance advantages, Environ coatings are used for residential aluminum building products, such as siding, soffit, gutters and trim. Environ topcoats are available in a wide range of standard colors or as custom color-matched formulations.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the latex resin technology used in Environ coatings provides greater durability than standard polyester coatings used in the aluminum building products market. Environ coatings perform substantially better for color and gloss retention, as well as chalk and dirt resistance.

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For detailed specification information, click here to view the Environ coatings product data sheet