Mica Coatings

Get the look you want with only two coats.

Duranar Sunstorm coil coatings are two-coat systems composed of a primer and durable color coat containing mica pearlescent flakes. They provide a metalescent look without using aluminum flakes, which require a third, clear topcoat. Duranar Sunstorm coil coatings are also available in a range of brilliant colors—from white pearlescent to copper, silver and gold—allowing you to create the aesthetic you desire.

In addition to offering value, durability and brilliant colors, Duranar Sunstorm coatings can be formulated with PPG's ULTRA-Cool® infrared (IR)-reflective coating technology to provide cool roof and building panels for greener, more energy-efficient buildings with a distinct pearlescent appearance.

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For detailed performance data, please review the Duranar coatings product data sheet.