Fluoropolymer Air-Dry Touch-Up Coatings

If you are repairing, restoring or repainting metal buildings that have a factory-applied Duranar coatings finish, you need Duranar® ADS field-applied coatings.  

Duranar ADS coatings are based on the same resin technology as Duranar factory-applied coil and extrusion coatings. These finishes have performed well on a multitude of buildings around the world and in every climate condition for more than 40 years. Used on high-rise building and architectural metals and accents, Duranar coatings have gained a reputation as the industry’s best-known and most trusted brand of fluoropolymer coatings.

Duranar ADS coatings has been specially formulated using Kynar® ADS resin products to be a true air-dry system with the characteristics of the original finish for durability and colorfastness. PPG’s Duranar ADS coatings are exclusively distributed by Nanochem Technologies in Elkhart, Indiana.

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Duranar ADS coatings technical bulletin

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