Coil Coatings

When you want options, PPG coil coatings has you covered.

PPG is a global leader in coil coatings—delivering the widest range of products and services globally. Coil coatings are formulated for use on metal roofing, metal building panels, column covers, garage and entry doors, rainware, gutters, siding, fascia trim, HVAC components, lighting fixtures, appliances and more. All of these applications require special properties to handle harsh exterior and interior extremes, such as flexibility, colorfastness and the ability to perform in a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential applications.
PPG's coil coatings offers coatings selection assistance, color matching, electronic color services, remote diagnostic capabilities and the industry’s largest color database. Coatings are available in a wide range of applications with short lead times and greatly reduced batch-to-batch variability.

Building - Roof & Wall Panels
Industrial Applications

Building - Roof & Wall Panels
Metal roofs and walls are continuing to grow in popularity due to their sustainability, longevity and availability in a range of colors and designs. A key factor in metal’s durability is the coating specified to protect and enhance its appearance. Fluoropolymers are often specified to increase durability and provide resistance to color fading and chalking. PPG is the only original and continuous licensee of the time-proven and trusted Kynar 500® fluoropolymer technology.