PPG Digital Architectural Metal Coatings Binder

Curious about metal coatings? Everything you want to know about PPG Metal Coatings products is only a click away.

The PPG Digital Architectural Metal Coatings Binder provides continuous electronic access to PPG's entire collection of metal coatings catalogs, product brochures and data sheets, with everything you need to know about industry-leading brands such as Duranar®, Coraflon®, Duracron®, Durastar®, Envirocron®, Environ® Polycron®, ULTRA-Cool®, VARI-Cool® coatings and more. You'll also find color cards, technical guides, white papers, case studies and sustainability tools, along with sourcing information for PPG Certified Applicator™ program participants and PPG-approved extrusion applicators and coil coaters.