PPG Low Iron Glass

Low Iron Interior Glass

For sparkling clarity and brilliant interior views, no other low iron glass delivers like STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ by PPG. The unique Starphire® glass edge brings more light into interior spaces while offering unmatched levels of brightness, color fidelity, clarity and visual excitement.

Interior Glass

When used for shelves, showcases, tabletops, back splashes, doors, side lites, decorative panels, clerestories and partitions, STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ provides true color fidelity while remaining crystal clear as thickness increases. Its unique blue edge imparts a luxury and sophistication conventional glass cannot match.


For balustrades, handrails and bannisters STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ makes interiors pop with stunning transparency. PPG Architectural Glass is a marketing alliance partner with Walker Glass in offering the Walker Textures line of acid-etched glass and mirrors made with STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™Starphire® glass is ideal for use with acid-etched glass products because of its clarity and color fidelity, which create spectacular dividing walls, wall coverings, office partitions, show and bath enclosures, doors and display shelving, and can be used in other interior applications.

In addition to its amazing clarity, Starphire® glass’s jewel-like blue edge has a distinct advantage over conventional glass, which displays a distorting greenish cast as the thickness increases.

Bath Enclosures

Because of its supreme clarity, STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ by PPG is the perfect choice for shower and bathtub enclosures using ClarvistaTM glass by PPG. Clarvista glass is a factory-fused, transparent coating that protects new shower glass against dullness caused over time by the corrosive effects of heat and humidity. Starphire glass' distinctive blue edge provides a luxurious aesthetic to any bathroom. 

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To see how STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ maintains edge clarity and a beautiful aesthetic as the glass gets thicker and longer, download the new edge color guide