Performance Tinted Glasses by PPG

Tinted glasses can change the entire look of a building, giving architects an almost endless array of color options.  It can be used for many purposes, including providing privacy, reducing the amount of light coming in to a building and decreasing the amount of heat coming in or going out.

Tinted glasses offers several key benefits:

  • Control solar heat gain—Tinted glasses reflect heat off buildings, keeping them cooler in warm weather. Combining tinted glass with low-e coated glass in an insulating glass unit (IGU) can increase solar heat gain even more.
  • Prevent solar heat loss—When the interior heat energy tries to escape to the outside during the winter, low-e tinted glass reflects the heat back to the inside, reducing radiant heat loss through the glass. The reverse happens during the summer. This solar control performance helps make buildings more energy-efficient and lowers energy costs. 
  • Protection from UV rays—Tinted glasses add glare control and protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Aesthetics—Tinted glasses can enhance the aesthetics of a building.  Tints can add a spark of color for a dramatic contrasting effect, or be neutral to blend in with other building materials or settings.

PPG offers two families of tinted glasses: