SUNGATE® 400 Glass

Passive solar control coating helps reduce heating expenses

Sungate 400 glass is a passive low-e glass from PPG designed specifically for use in heating-dominated climates. Manufactured with an MSVD "soft coat," Sungate 400 glass aids commercial buildings in retaining solar and furnace heat to help reduce winter heating costs. In addition to offering excellent insulating performance, Sungate 400 glass has an exceptionally clear aesthetic.

Sungate 400 glass performs best when specified as a third-surface coating on Starphire® glass. In a 1-inch insulating glass unit, this configuration generates a winter U-value of 0.32 and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.72, which is 13 percent better than the 0.63 SGHC attained with conventional clear glass in a third-surface configuration. Sungate 400 glass also has been engineered to work with Solarban® 70XL and Solarban 60 glasses to optimize performance in triple-pane insulating glass units.

For more information, please review our Sungate 400 glass datasheet.

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CLEAR Glass + Clear  79 0.70 1.13
Sungate 400 (2) Clear + Clear 76 0.60 1.27