STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™
by PPG

See the beauty, not the glass

STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ glass is the ultimate in ultra-clear glass technology.  Its stunning clarity, brilliance and luxury will inspire you to find new and creative ways to use it both in interior and exterior applications and for both private residences and commercial buildings.

For exteriors, it adds amazing transparency, bringing more light into interior spaces while delivering unmatched levels of color fidelity, visual excitement and durability. In interior applications, it adds a dramatic flair to all types of customized decorative glass. 

Starphire® glass contains less than 10 percent of the iron present in conventional glass. Because of its low iron content, Starphire® glass allows more light to pass through it than conventional clear glass.  But what makes STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ truly unique is its spectacular blue edge.  Unlike conventional glass, which becomes progressively greener as thicknesses increase, Starphire® glass gains a distinctive blue edge while the surface of the glass remains ultra-clear—even at thicknesses of up to ¾-inch.

PPG is the exclusive glass manufacturer of Starphire® glass to our network of certified and approved fabricators.  It is stocked year-round on both coasts in a wide range of thickness so it’s always available for quick, convenient delivery to jobsites across the United States, Canada and the world.

When beauty, clarity and functionality are the cornerstones of a design vision, accept no substitutes – choose STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ glass.

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To see how STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ glass maintains edge clarity and a beautiful aesthetic as the glass gets thicker and longer, download the new edge color guide. Learn how the STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear Glass™ glass edge brings more light into interior space while offering unmatched levels of brightness, color fidelity, clarity and visual excitement.

Types of Starphire® Glass