Interior Glass

Think glass for interior partitions and special applications

When adding color to a room or building, you naturally think of paint first and then things like fabric, furniture, artwork and lighting. At PPG, we want you to think of glass, too. Just like paint, glass offers a virtually unlimited number of interior design and decorating possibilities.

Recently, PPG teamed with a select group of alliance partners to provide you with a one-stop resource for all your glass-related interior design products and ideas.

PPG Clear, Ultra-Clear and Tinted Glasses

PPG offers a complete collection of clear and ultra-clear glasses, as well as a range of tinted glasses inspired by the earth, sea and sky, all of which make for spectactular interior applications. 

  • Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass
    Made with a proprietary low-iron formulation, Starphire ultra-clear glass by PPG is the industry's clearest, most transparent glass. Unlike conventional clear glass, which gets darker and greener as it becomes thicker or is laminated into multiple layers, the clarity of Starphire glass actually intensifies, creating a distinctive "blue-edge" look that is ideal for partitions, doors, countertops, table tops and other interior applications. Because of its unparalleled clarity, Starphire glass also offers exceptional color fidelity when coupled with painted, vinyl or elastomeric color interlayers.
  • Blue and Green Tinted Glass
    From the emerald-green of Atlantica® glass to the dark-blue depths of Pacifica® glass, PPG offers a collection of nautically inspired tints that bring vibrancy and color to any indoor environment. You also can choose from aqua-blue Azuria® glass, subtle-green Solexia® glass and sky-blue Solarblue® glass.
  • Gray and Bronze Tinted Glass
    To complement its nautical collection, PPG offers a variety of nature-inspired tints, encompassing light-gray Optigray® glass, cool-gray Solargray® glass, rich, dark-gray Graylite® II glass, and warm-bronze Solarbronze® glass.

All PPG clear and tinted glasses can be tempered for added strength and safety, and specified in thicknesses of up to 1 inch for Starphire glass, ½-inch for earth-inspired tints and ¼-inch for blue and green tinted glasses.

Specialty glass design options

A wide variety of interior glasses are available through PPG’s Alliance Glass partners.  They include:

  • Acid-Etched Glass
    Expand your design options with Walker Textures™ glass acid-etched patterned glasses and mirrors. Acid-etched glass products are typically used for dividing walls, wall coverings, office partitions, shower and bath enclosures, doors, display shelving and other interior applications. There's no limit to the creative options you can explore with customized patterns, a full complement of colored and clear glasses, and finishes ranging from translucent satin and velour to metallic mirror.  
  • Painted Glass
    When it comes to color, there's no such thing as too many options. OPACI-COAT 300 coated glasses from ICD High Performance Coatings feature a full spectrum of water-based, elastomeric coatings to give designers the ultimate in color choice and glass opacification. OPACI-COAT 300 coated glass can be specified to match any color on any color chip, no matter how bright or vivid. Combined with the unsurpassed clarity of Starphire glass or the subtle tone of a PPG reflective glass, these products bring shimmering, jewel-like color to the interiors of hotels, shops, restaurants and galleries, or enliven new or newly remodeled residential kitchens and baths.
  • Digitally Enhanced Glass
    With SentryGlas® Expressions™, you can incorporate photos, textures, patterns, artwork and logos into a wide range of architectural applications, from entry doors and office partitions to balustrades, elevator interiors, skylights and handrails. Using a computer-based digital imaging system, SentryGlas Expressions embeds finished images in laminated layers of ultra-clear Starphire glass, giving you optimum clarity, color fidelity and protection from fingerprints, graffiti and other potential hazards.  
  • Clarvista Glass by PPG
    Clarvista glass is a factory-fused coating that protects the clarity of new shower glass against dullness caused over time by the corrosive effects of heat and humidity. Clarvista glass preserves the beauty of the glass for years to come and can be used on clear glass, Starphire ultra-clear glass and acid-etched glass.