Find a Fabricator For Your Next Project

To achieve an expert glazing project, you need both PPG high-performance architectural glass products and a PPG Certified Fabricator®.

Architects can trust PPG Certified Fabricators.  They are an elite group of glass fabricators who maintain a specific and very strict set of standards established by PPG Architectural Glass. Members of the PPG Certified Fabricator Program are some of the most trusted glass fabricators in the industry, and they each have committed to participating annually in a rigorous training program on the processing of all the architectural glass products produced by PPG.

By maintaining rigorous auditing standards set by PPG and gearing every program to making sure you get the right glass, right away, PPG Certified Fabricators consistently deliver high-quality PPG architectural glass products at a fair price—faster than the competition.

Find out more about the benefits of using a member of the PPG Certified Fabricator Program Network for your next project.